What is Hosting?

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO? | Who is SEO for? | What is White Hat SEO? | What is Black Hat SEO? | What are the points to consider for SEO? | What is Hosting? | What is Website or Blog Design? | What is website or blog content? | What is On Page SEO? | What is Off Page SEO?

What are the points to consider for SEO?

1. What is Hosting?

The first step, is to find a good web hosting. A web hosting company will store your website and files on their servers and deliver it to readers and customer browsers.

Your web hosting should be reliable, SEO friendly, fast and scale-able. A good website hosting will allow Google to call it effectively.

There are a number of web hosting servers and different companies offering different packages, some of these packages are free to host. However, since there are free, they might be slow, limited bandwidth per month and some features are no available such as WordPress, all which will effect the performance of your website.

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