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Digital Marketing has evolved in recent years. Today in such a tough competition, everyone wants to hold their position on the search engines. And it is not possible without a proper optimisation on your website which is also called as SEO (Search Engines Optimisation).

It is a laborious work and the one that does not gather fruits of the immediate way since Google analyse the antiquity of the page between one of its criteria. But, nevertheless, if a good job is done for SEO Blackpool positioning it is only a matter of time before the website starts multiplying its visits. At the end of the day, improving SEO positioning is like going from having a store in a secondary street and little traffic to a large avenue through which thousands of people pass through.

Visibility on search engines:

What SEO does is that the web multiplies its visibility. For example, if the web page from which you want to improve SEO and appears on the second page of Google, it will probably go unnoticed by all those interested in finding those services. While, if that web page appears in the top positions, the chances of getting new customers multiply. Blackpool SEO Agency is expertise in the field of SEO and Web positioning.

SEO Works Blackpool:

The following are our strategies and services to our client:

SEO audit:

First, we SEO Company Blackpool analyse what is already built. That is, analyse the web page that you want to improve. From the design to the texts, the weight of the images links to other pages, loading time of the page, etc. These are variants that have a key influence on SEO positioning and that should be taken into account.

Therefore, the first step should not be other than analysing the web to take into account strengths and weaknesses. In this way, the website will be optimised and it will be easier for Google to position it in a better position.

Analysis of the competition:

Differentiation is always a key. Therefore, the web page to improve, after having analysed your situation, we SEO Agency Blackpool look at the situation of the competition. It is likely that the business offers services that other businesses of the competition do not offer. That is an essential aspect to improve the positioning.

For example, if the business is a consultancy and stands out for offering contracting services different from those of the competition that should be enhanced.

SEO Optimisation On-Page:

It is one of the main axes when it comes to improving positioning since it is one of the factors that Google values most. It is about the content of the page and what SEO does is improve it to adapt it to the requirements of the search engines. Google has announced that the web pages that were not Display, that is to say, that they did not adapt to the screens of all the devices were going to fall in the search engine. So we also make sure to have website which adapt to the screens of all the devices such as Computer, Tablet, and smartphone.

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