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What our customers say about us!

1) Outstanding and friendly service - Mr Steve Carter

Previously I was paying for SEO for my website, the website never passed page 5 on Google, but after personally meeting the owner of Red Dragon Webmaster, my website was on page 1 on Google for some key words in the third month of doing SEO.
He explained everything in details and helped me move from the control of the previous digital services company, to have full control of my own website. Therefore, I actually asked the owner to create a new website and the price was good and always there to discuss any matter/update for the website.
So I signed a 12 month contract for SEO with Red Dragon Webmaster and never been happier with this kind of service before. Thank you Red Dragon Services.”

2) Best in Sheffield! - Mr Aaron Butler

Red Dragon created our dream website. They were great to communicate with and very helpful. We are now doing SEO and seeing brilliant results. Thanks highly recommend!” This what Mr Aaron B said about Red Dragon Webmaster.

3) Top notch! Mr Simon Cartledge

Best company for SEO and Web development. Red Dragon has created an amazing e-commerce website for my business and we are very pleased with the results. We still continue to use them for website maintenance and ongoing SEO and they are doing a brilliant job!”

4) Outstanding ServiceMr Omer Khan

I was not sure at the beginning about this service, but after meeting up with the owner of the business, my mind was put at ease. The owner is a very professional person and trustworthy, as he is a well respected person in the community.
Therefore, I went ahead and gave the project of creating our business website to Red Dragon Webmaster, and also singed a 12 month contract for SEO. The website was designed and completed in few weeks with excellent features and professional look. Since we started with the SEO, our website started to move towards the first page on Google.
Its a long process we understand that but the results are showing, and we can't wait to be on page one of Google. Well recommended.”

5) Speedy DeliveryMr Ralph Stevenson

Excellent work, great communication, outstanding service, follow-up, and speed in delivery. Great results. Looking forward to working together again. Two thumbs up. Highly recommend to others as well.”

6) OutstandingMr Philip Rogers

Excellent service, friendly and fast results. We signed up a 12 month SEO contract and we started to results of our website moving towards page 1 on Google search from the second month. This never happened to us with our previous SEO person. Well recommended worth every pond we are paying.”

7) Excellent service and quick deliveryMr Anwar Ali

Well presented, organised and fast delivery of the website. I met the owner of Red Dragon Webmaster in a shop while he was visiting his friend, we discussed a website for my own business and it was clear that he knew what he was talking about.
So I decided to create a website for my business after few days, so I contacted the owner and we met, discussed and agreed on the website layout and not even a week he came with a design for the website.
We then agreed on what would be on the website as information and images and where they will appear, few days later I provided all the information and images and again less than a week the website was completed and up and running. I really recommend Red Dragon Webmaster for any who wants to create a website for their business.”

8) Quality SEO providerMrs Samantha Walker

We approached RDW to help with SEO for our e-commerce site. In three short months we have achieved exceptional results with multiple keywords improving in rankings. Very excited about our future growth!”

9) Outstanding ServiceMr David Tiger

We contacted the owner of Red Dragon Webmaster regarding an e-commerce website for our business, and he was very professional over the phone and guided us to the right direction. Then my wife and I met with him and he was friendly and showed us many examples of how our website could look like.
Finally, after creating the website for us, our clients found it so easy to buy our products online, and we gained a lot of new clients and business is good. Thanks, RDW for all your help and services, we are for sure keeping you as our digital services company for our business. Well recommended.”

10) Outstanding ServiceMr Jack Richardson

The boss of Red Dragon Webmaster went the extra mile to make sure we received the service we need. We needed an e-commerce website for our business and pictures of our products and cloths.
He provided models for our cloths, photographer, camera and the whole settings, I felt I was in a professional catwalk fashion show although this is not part of RDW services. The boss helped us in completing our website's pictures, made sure we have an update website and even provided the SEO for the website. We were not sure what is SEO or why we need it, he took the time to explained it to us in details and all the benefits it provides.
Now, after few months, we are seeing excellent results for our business and we are actually selling 4 times more than we expected to sell from our website. Red Dragon are well recommended for any digital services any business would need.”

11) Exceptional Services, Friendly Staff and a Committed boss!Mrs Faye Foster

This review is very well deserved!
My husband and I decided to start a side business in order to generate more income as we plan to partially retire in a few years. Red Dragon services were recommended to us via an acquaintance of a friend and so we decided to check it out.
The staff were extremely friendly and generous with their time. However, we were sceptical and so the owner decided to invest his personal time to attend into our queries and requirements to eliminate our doubts.
He firstly explained how Search Engine Optimisation works, including the research they have to undertake to obtain information into common search terms, other existing competitions and how linking my website would increase it's visibility.
They have created a website that is user-friendly and of high quality taking into consideration all the requirements of our business and that of our client base.
I am ever so grateful for their continuous and extended support! Outstanding and highly recommended.”

12) Excellent customer serviceMr Labib Hussein

Friendly, honest and helpful. I had a chance to meet the owner who was really professional and went through the entire process step by step. Highly recommended and worth to consider doing business with.

13) Best service and quick deliveryMrs Sarah Davis

I was paying another SEO company for SEO and never achieved the results they have promised. The owner of Red Dragon Webmaster, helped me with growing my online presence for my local business in Manchester in no time. He delivered quality results in just 6 months. I highly recommend.

14) Outstanding and quality service - Mrs Raichura

Red Dragon Webmaster is outstanding at providing SEO for clients looking to take their business to the next level with a powerful online presence. The owner of RDW worked with me to custom design an online marketing plan that drives customers and increases revenue. I highly recommend RDW and its SEO team. You will not get disappointment - they get results!”

15) Quality Work! - Aden Ragdoll Cattery

We approached Red Dragon Webmaster to help us with our business website. The boss of RDW was very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure we receive the service we want. Due to time difference between the UK and Canada, the boss of RDW had to stay on the phone with us from midnight UK time till early hours of the morning.
Once the website completed, he even kept supporting us with any issues we faced with our website.
We for sure will use their services again, well recommended.


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