What is White Hat SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

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What is White Hat SEO? (Organic SEO)

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO or Organic SEO is a method or technique that search engines recommend as part of a good website design. This might take a long time for older domain names to reach the first page of a Google search – up to 6 months, but it takes even longer for new domain names.
When used on a website or blog post, these methods and techniques take into account the user experience and content quality for your reader. That’s why White Hat SEO is the kind of SEO method preferred and recommended by anyone in the industry.

White Hat SEO is not a method or technique that can be caught out, because it simply abides by all guidelines that search engines lay out for webmasters and content creators.
Put simply, White Hat SEO caters to the human audience, instead of the way the search engine interprets the content of the website, which is ultimately what all search engines want us to do with the website content that we produce.
White Hat SEO requires you to invest more time and effort for any good results, and these methods are typically future-proof and will yield you results in the long run.

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