What is Website or Blog Design?

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What are the points to consider for SEO?

2. What is website or blog design?

Web design is divided into two parts, the front end and the back end of web design. A lot times the back end is more classified as web programming and not so much web design, but nonetheless, it’s great to know both sides not such to be a designer or programmer. Usually it’s better to know how to design but then also how to program it.

Now when you hear the term code, you just imagine a bunch of lines that you will never understand, but you must rap your head around and just keep stuffing more and more coding in order to create a successful product and make your website look the way you want it to look like. In web design there are many languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

  1. Front end web design:
    It’s the way the website will look “Web Design”, this uses some programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
      1. HTML – Is your base and it contains a listing of all the elements that is going to be on your page.
      2. CSS – Styles your page and tell the browser e.g. make the text red, the size of the font, bold, underline, italic and so on.
      3. JavaScript – Is the functionality, for example, if you want to make something to pop up or do something when you hover or click on a link.
  1. Back end web design:
    It’s more classified as the programming bit behind the seen “Web Programming”, this uses programming languages such as PHP.
      1. PHP – Can do make many different virtual function, for example, it can validate the form, store data to a database and create new pages within the website. So, it’s the back bone of any website.

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So, when you put all of them together, it is not really bad as it seems because you have little bits and pieces that form this whole big thing when put together.

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The design of a website or a blog should be light weight and responsive, SEO and light weight web pages help to open the website effectively. We should consider many steps when designing sections of websites or blogs, such as layout, which we know now it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript and also PHP for the Server-side script.

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