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Many people are only interested in SEO because they have heard it somewhere but in actual they are not aware of its benefits. If you optimize your website with the SEO, it will directly benefit your business in various ways.

There are two main pillars of SEO – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO:

On-Page optimisation:

  • The foundation of successful and sustainable SEO optimisation is the On-Page optimisation.
  • It includes both adjustments and measures that are carried out on the own website.
  • In addition to many technical factors, these are also editorial or structural measures.

Off-Page optimisation:

The second pillar of search engine optimisation is Off-Page optimisation.

  • It involves the construction of backlinks, that is, links that refer to one’s own from another website.
  • This significantly increases the link popularity of a website.
  • The area of Off-Page optimisation also includes backlink monitoring and backlink optimisation.

This is how we SEO Agency Brighton distinguish between the two most important pillars of a promising SEO strategy in terms of search engine optimization.

With the On-Page optimisation, your company homepage is directly in the focus of the respective processing steps. To strive for the best possible search engine ranking, our SEO Works Brighton makes extensive structural and editorial adjustments to the entire content. In doing so, we SEO Company Brighton deliberately take into account the different types of content which depend on the user’s intuition in his search query.

Brighton SEO Company:

In order to ensure a sustainable and successful content management of your website, Brighton SEO Expert team conduct a detailed keyword analysis and optimally adapt your homepage content according to our results of the keyword research. In addition, the technical component will also be revised and rebuilt.

In this regard, it is our aim to align the technical parameters of your Internet presence in the context of SEO Brighton so that your website searches can be retrieved as quickly as possible from the respective search engines and built.

Better search engine ranking:

In order to achieve a better search engine ranking, the second component of search engine optimisation, Off-Page optimisation, is also crucial. Often, this step is preceded by On-Page optimisation, with both sections meshing like gears. In the course of the Off-Page optimisation, your company website is only indirectly processed.

In this SEO measure, we Brighton SEO Agency focus on the so-called backlinks which forward the user via recommendations or cross-references from other websites to your company’s website.

Backlink Analysis:

We SEO Company Brighton perform a backlink analysis in this context of search engine optimisation and adapt the backlink structure of your company’s website to thematically relevant and interesting partner websites. As part of the backlink monitoring, we constantly check the backlink level of your website and make any necessary adjustments. Due to the continuous control and backlink revision, we are thus able to cope with the constant change of the internet or the constantly occurring updates.

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