Intensive SEO Course

Intensive SEO Training Course

An Intensive and fast-paced 1 day SEO training course, with 10 Standalone Units. Sheffield and Yorkshire training centres. A complete professional syllabus of 8 hours CPD credits.  This course comes with a Training Certificate recognised by the Institute of Digital Marketing.

10 Standalone Units in 1 Intensive Day

Unit 1: SEO Basics

Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Spidering, indexing and ranking
  • Ranking Factors
  • Selecting Keywords
  • Website Structuring
  • Optimising Webpages
  • Link Building and Social Media
  • Technology Optimisation
  • Usability Optimisation
  • Avoiding Black-Hat SEO
  • Reporting Competitor Spam


Unit 2: Keyword Selection

Learn how to collect, analyse and organise keyword research data.

  • Discovering High-Value Keywords
  • Forecasting Prospective Traffic
  • Analysing Competitor Websites
  • Using Long-Tail Terms and Synonyms
  • Compiling a Keyword Dictionary


Unit 3: Page Optimisation

Learn how to optimise important on-page ranking factors.

  • Optimising URL Names
  • Optimising Page Title Tags
  • Optimising Meta Description Tags
  • Optimising Heading Tags
  • Optimising Paragraph Tags
  • Optimising Link Anchor Text
  • Optimising Bullet Points
  • Optimising Image Names
  • Optimising Image Captions
  • Optimising Alt Attributes
  • Optimising Title Attributes
  • When to Use Meta Keyword Tags
  • Handling Duplicate Content
  • Writing Search Engine Friendly Content
  • Avoiding Content Violations and Penalisation


Unit 4: Link Building

Learn how to optimise important off-page ranking factors and boost your digital footprint.

  • Building High Quality Links
  • Avoiding Low Quality Links and Spam
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Social Media
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Discussion Forums
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Directories
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Review Sites
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Video Blogging


Unit 5: Google Search Console

Learn how to set-up and use the Google Search Console.

  • Setting-up the Google Search Console
  • Setting-up a Robots.Txt File
  • Setting-up an XML Sitemap
  • Using the Google Search Console


Unit 6: Structuring Websites

Learn how to structure your website for local, national and international searches.

  • Planning with a Graphical Sitemaps
  • Defining Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Structuring Websites for Local Search
  • Structuring Websites for National Search
  • Structuring Websites for International Search
  • Structuring Websites for Product Searches
  • Structuring Websites for Service Searches
  • Deploying Common Structural Tools
  • Structuring Your Blog
  • Running Special Campaigns
  • Maintaining PageRank with 301 Redirects


Unit 7: Technology Optimisation

Learn how to test your website infrastructure and what to do if there are problems.

  • Running Mobile Friendly Tests
  • Running Page Speed Tests
  • Testing SSL Certificates
  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Selecting High Performance Servers
  • Choosing the Best Domain


Unit 8: Google Analytics

Learn how to monitor important ranking factors with Google Analytics.

  • Monitoring Dwell Times
  • Monitoring Bounce Rates
  • Monitoring User Engagement
  • Testing Usability with Google Experiments
  • Testing Mobile Usability with Google Chrome


Unit 9: Analysing Competitor Websites

Learn how to decompile and reverse engineer high ranking competitor websites.

  • Estimating the Size of Competitor Websites
  • Evaluating Competitor Site Structures
  • Decompiling Competitor Web Pages
  • Estimating Relevant Page Counts
  • Estimating External Link Counts
  • Pinging Competitor Servers
  • Using the SEO Score Card


Unit 10: SEO Project Management

Learn how to manage SEO projects and deliver high quality results, on-time and at the agreed budget.

  • 9-Knowledge Areas of Project Management
  • Waterfall vs Agile Project Models
  • Setting SEO Goals
  • Using a Content Matrix
  • Implementing the SEO Project Model


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