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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation has become essential thing today in the world of online business. If your website is not optimised with the right SEO, it will not be able to display on the top position of the search engines.

If you cannot find your website on the first page of Google, you need to have SEO Services Newcastle. We will help you with the Web Positioning.

Why is it so important to work with the best agency in Web Positioning?

The answer to that question is simple: to receive solid results, in reasonable terms and with a long-term projection. We Newcastle SEO Agency are SEO experts at Google and other search engines. If you have already had the bad experience of having to work with web design agencies that do everything but nothing good happened then your project needs the collaboration of an expert team to position your page.

SEO Company Newcastle:

We SEO Works Newcastle improve the totality of the elements of each website, content or service that we seek to position at the highest technical level and looking for quick results. Every modification our Newcastle SEO Expert seeks the greatest possible impact, seeking the advantage over all competitors. Absolutely no other web positioning company has our level of dedication and knowledge up to date.

We are experts in various areas of SEO Newcastle:

Site Speed (WPO):

The loading speed of a site not only improves the user experience, it also makes it easier for bots to index more and better our pages in their results.

URL optimisation:

It says that the URLs must be friendly so that they are remembered by the user. The reality is that nobody remembers a URL if it has more than 5 words and will not do it no matter how hard they try. URLs are friendly to Google in principle as they may contain keywords. And secondly, they are important because they appear in the search results and the user could read them and intuit that they will go to an appropriate content.

Optimisation of the Code:

If you have ever wondered if the code is more important than the content such as text, images, etc., let us rephrase the question: Why do you think the content does not code? Absolutely everything a user sees is code interpreted by the browser. And every time you use software for automatic website creation, you put the heart of the web in the hands of a program.

Analysis of images:

Attractive images are for users, not for Google. Search engines only analyse images as files due to their weight, format, metadata, etc. Currently, Google can already recognize elements within an image. This is important since detecting objects or situations within the image could make Google decide to convert them into filter words for their classification.

Keyword Research:

The basis of any SEO strategy is the keyword research or keyword search. Identifying the keywords and placing them correctly in the content is an essential factor to improve your SEO.

Most of the companies delegate all these work in automatic tools, without doing any real and physical field work and the result could surprise small and large companies.

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We Newcastle SEO Company have many years of experience in the SEO and we have many satisfied clients who have got the incredible results after optimizing of SEO to their website.

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