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A website that aims to be in the top positions of Google must meet certain requirements. Many will be related to the users, that is, the people who will buy your products or link your site through various means such as social networks or Web sites. At, Wolverhampton SEO Company, we keep constantly updated on what are the factors for positioning that Google values and we incorporate this knowledge into the work we do for each of your clients.

These are the advantages of your web positioning service:

You should always think about search engine robots because if they cannot read your site, they will not be able to incorporate it into your index. Some of the important factors that will determine the success or failure of your site are the following:

Internal structure:

The site must be linked internally through simple links in basic HTML. Sites made entirely in FLASH, while attractive in appearance, are fatal to achieve proper positioning. This is because search engines basically see text, so anything that escapes from this reality will be negative for your Web optimisation.


As a general rule, any site must be completely linked by basic HTML links that can be read by search engines. If, for example, as is the case with many sites, the links are made with images, a button with HTML links should be located at the bottom of each page to safeguard this disadvantage.

Loading time:

The pages should be light. Many of the countries, internet speed still have low-speed connections especially during peak hours or in large offices where many PCs share a single connection.

This means that if you carry out a heavy design, many of your potential clients may get tired of waiting for the page to load and abandon it. This is not something desired and is solved with a suitable Web optimisation. At Wolverhampton SEO Agency we have a complete knowledge of Web Optimisation and we take care of all types of SEO Services Wolverhampton. Even very heavy websites can be counterproductive for proper indexing by Google robots. In fact, loading time is a factor that Google takes into account to determine the ranking of results.

Unique and quality content:

Unique and quality content is also one of the important parts of SEO in Wolverhampton. The search engines through their algorithms try to select for their first positions sites rich and unique in terms of the keywords entered. In order for a search engine to associate a text with a keyword, it has to be written in basic HTML. Sites with text in Flash or with text in images cannot be read by the robots of the search engines and therefore, not indexed in their databases.


Each website that links your site to the search engines is a vote that says “this site is worth it”. And these votes when added together are a determining factor as regards the position of your site in the search engines. This is one of the factors most valued by Google, as it is one of the few that cannot be easily manipulated.

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