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Content is essential in an SEO Bromley strategy, always within any online marketing plan that you want to start up. SEO moves fast and it is a discipline in constant change where what worked six months ago, could be completely outdated. However, there are some fundamentals that remain more or less the same over time.

Why do you need SEO Works Bromley?

As you already know, SEO is based on three pillars: the technical part, the popularity, and the content. That means that no matter how optimised and popular a website is, without an effective content strategy, there will be no any point having a good website.

These are some of the basic strategies and tactics that guided our success

  • Concentrate on publishing attractive and quality content for users that is different, original, fresh and updated. That will determine the value to the rest and more valuable than anything else. That usually means that it is long-lasting content.
  • Use the keywords that your audience is looking for. Search engines like Google have semantic algorithms endowed with artificial intelligence that understand and interpret words or expressions more and more but also include synonyms and similar terminology, so the use of related keywords in various parts of the content. It helps the robots to know what topic an article or a website is going on. In other words, working on the keywords for each part of the content still matters today.
  • External references, reviews, and social links play a role so that the content has a better performance in Google or the different search engines. Incoming links are not only external but internal not only the home but each landing or article that we are interested in highlighting is essential to determine its relevance or popularity.
  • The freshness of the content matters. Keeping content updated helps search engines understand that content is useful and relevant to users.

We are Bromley SEO Expert

Content marketing has become an infamous practice by some people who practice it with the sole intention of creating only content aimed at classification by robots instead of responding to questions or needs of the user or real people. That’s exactly what a great SEO content strategy is not.

In order to reach real conclusions about whether the different contents are achieving the initial objective, we analyse and measure the data that helps us make changes and improvements. Thanks to being able to measure and apply improvements, we can improve the conversion ratio.

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