Improve search engine position of your website with SEO in York:

Today, SEO is must for every web property. It is essential to optimise your website with proper SEO so that search engines understand your products and services and give it a higher rank.

York SEO Agency is an SEO positioning company in the UK that offers innovative web positioning solutions. Our SEO Services York consists of optimising your web page to improve your organic positioning in search engines. Our goal is to increase search traffic to increase sales and organic conversions of this channel.

Some of our major services include:

Market Analysis and Keywords:

We York SEO Company will analyse your market to identify who your competitors are online and how they are positioned digitally. Then we will go on to identify which keywords have more traffic in your sector in addition to their degree of competence. Finally after analysing your website and its possibilities we will provide you with a list of possible keywords to select, in addition to a strategy to follow that we will agree with you.

Technical Audit:

We SEO Agency York will review the technical parts of your website to make sure that these are SEO York compatible. As a result of this audit, we will produce a list of changes, their level of importance and possible solutions.

Onsite Implementation:

Finally, after having selected a list of keywords and analysing the technical part of the web page we SEO Company York will create an implementation strategy that we will review and agree with you. In some cases and depending on the complexity of the strategy and the administrative area of your website you may need to change the programming of the website. We can implement these changes with our York SEO Expert team or alternatively collaborate with a programmer of your choice.

York SEO Expert will review and configure:

  • Web Architecture Review
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • Review and configuration of Sitemaps
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Maps

On-Line Promotion (Link Building):

We York SEO Company will go on to the online promotion by establishing links with web pages related to your market to improve the authority of your website and its positioning in search engines. We will always follow the guidelines set by Google and we will create organic links by establishing genuine relationships with bloggers and web pages of your industry through digital public relations actions. When using this type of strategy and following the guidelines set by Google, we avoid any type of penalty for the construction of paid links.

Monthly Progress Reports:

Every month our SEO Works York will present you with reports on the progress of your page’s web positioning in the selected keywords, including how this translates to organic traffic and business with conversion statistics. According to the results, we will make the changes required to get the best performance from our SEO service and ensure a good return on investment.

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