SEO Top 6 Reasons Who is SEO for?

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need SEO

Before we explain the top 6 reason why you need SEO, let us first explain the importance of SEO.

Why SEO is Important?

Today 94% of consumers and businesses search the Internet before buying a product or service, they submit their keywords for search and get a list of relevant websites in return. People intent to visit websites that are at the top of these lists, because they appear to be more relevant to their search.

Most find their competitors are on the top of these lists.

Study shows that if your website is not at the top of these lists, you will never reach your customers online. If you ever wondered why your competitors rank better than yours, then know it’s because of a marketing technique called SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; this technique helps your website rank higher than millions of other sites in response to certain keywords when searched.

The search engine system collects information about every page on the web, and it can help people find exactly what they are looking for. When your page gets higher rankings, it helps more people to find you.

To get higher rankings, your website must have all the ingredients that search engines are looking for. This is where SEO can help. SEO looks for text, content, links, page titles and other pieces of relevant information contained in the HTML code of your website.

This way, when someone searches for books, the search engines will narrow the results to show pages that contain the words searched for. To get more business, your website must be on the first page of all the big search engines for the specific keywords that are relevant to your potential customers. Without SEO, your site will never be found online by your customers.

In today’s competitive world, you need solid SEO techniques to get your site on top of the search results.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Many small business owners wonder why do I need SEO?

The answer is simple, people search all day everyday for billions of subjects. That’s right, Google processes 3.5 Billion Search Queries Each Day. SEO helps put your website in front of people when these Internet searches happen.

This is helpful for your business for 6 reasons.

Reason 1: Gives You the Opportunity to Answer Customers Questions

Many people research products and services before they buy something, they want to know about quality, prices and various options. They also want to know how the product or service will satisfy their paying points. Why not get those answers from you?

By being present in the research phase, you established your company in your searcher’s mind. Turning potential customers into real customers. Don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Reason 2: Getting your Product or Service to Show up First When Customers Search to Buy

SEO will help people find your website.

This helps to put your website in front of consumers in much organic and natural way. Remember 95% of people stay on page 1 of their Internet search, that’s a lot of money for businesses on page 1 and not a lot for everyone else.

What’s the point of having a website when people can’t find it, as you know there are billions of websites available on the World Wide Web. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give so much flexibility to the online audience to search any website. Don’t let your website buried under the pages of your competitors.

SEO plays an invaluable role here, as it gets your business website found and noticed; which gives more clicks and views by potential customer, partners or investors. Therefore, it’s vital for a business to gain visibility in the online field, which ultimately leads to more positive conversion.

So, when someone searches for a product or service you provide your website needs to show up before your competitors. SEO is the purest form of direct marketing. People search, and you are there to fill their needs. No flashy ads or sales clichés, just your website ready and waiting to serve the customer.

Reason 3: SEO Attracts Relevant Traffic

SEO is much more than just achieving top ranking on search engines, it also attracts relevant traffic. The right kind of traffic to your website is very crucial for your business, as it helps to convert them to potential customers. Remember, profitably comes from successfully converting your traffic to subscribers and then warm leads.

Therefore, SEO completely helps in targeting relevant visitors to your website for more customers and more sales.

Reason 4: SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

SEO can make your brand stronger, better and well recognised. These days, everyone uses Google to search to whatever they are looking for, and if your website is right there on the top of the search engine result page, it goes a long way in boosting their trust and your credibility. If you are right where the customers are, at the right moment and with the right solution, you will win big.

Reason 5: SEO Helps Build Your Brand

Converting your product or service into brand and then top brand, that’s what we dream for. When more people visit your website, get familiar with your business and order from you, then you will have more people likely to come back again and tell their friends about your product or service.

SEO is an effective way to get this ball rolling, by ranking your website high and attracting a flood of web traffic. SEO will help accelerate your branding campaign and make your website memorable.

Reason 6: SEO Convert a Local Business into a Global Business

Think big and then think bigger.

Converting a local brand into global is difficult, yet a rewarding accomplishment. There is no limit grow globally online, and one of the most important steps in achieving international success for a brand is collective performance of its web properties and international search engine results.

SEO can prove to be invaluable in turning a local brand into a global success.


Hopefully, you started to see how SEO helps your business, but simply having a website and selling great products or providing great services doesn’t guarantee you will out rank your competitors in the search results. That’s why you need SEO.

Your website must be built to cater the search engines, and your website must have a strong reputation online. SEO helps your website satisfy both requirements and helps show search engines your website is worth putting on page 1.

A solid SEO strategy can take your website from page 100 to page 1, infinitely increasing your chances of being found by potential customers. Doing proper SEO will take consistent effort, continual monitoring and constant refining, but we are here to help.

We are global experts in SEO, we help businesses become more visible on the Internet.

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